Take Your Kids Stargazing in Your Own Backyard

Stargazing is a timeless, fun way to inspire kids imaginations, encourage them to think about things on a grand scale, and let them explore the (literal) universe around them. Today, Little Tikes® will show you how your family can stargaze in the comfort of your own backyard or atop your Real Wood Adventures™ playset with or without a telescope.

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Build a Backyard Compost Bin with Your Kids

Starting your own compost bin is an awesome way to kickstart your family’s garden, and reduces the amount of waste your family creates. Check out Little Tikes’ step-by-step guide for how to start your own compost with just table scraps and green yard waste, maintain it, and some potential uses for it.

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New Fun to be Had

The Original Kid's Ride-On

Ride On Toys from Little Tikes will cause your little guy or gal to giggle and squeal! Little Tikes riding toys are safe, durable, and great for all times of year.

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