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Party Fun made “Funner” with FOAMO™

It’s springtime, then summer! Holidays, parties, barbecues and celebrations return to our front, back and side yards. And FOAMO™ takes backyard fun to a whole new level. It doesn’t just make mountains of foam, it makes mountains of “funner” fun.

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Little Tikes 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping Black Friday deals, scrolling on Cyber Monday, or buying last-minute gifts, Little Tikes has the perfect gifts for every kid in your life. Check out our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for great gift ideas for kids of all ages!

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11 Ways to Turn Chores into Fun Games

Kids love pretending to do chores, whether they’re pretending to cook dinner, wash dishes, sweep, or fold laundry. Little Tikes has 11 ways you can turn doing chores into a game and encourage your kids to help out around the house.

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Throw Your Own Backyard Harvest Festival with These 7 Fall Activities

Today, Little Tikes shows you everything you need to create a harvest festival for your family in your own backyard! We’ve got fun backyard games, tractor rides, pumpkin decorating, pony rides, and more ideas. Check out our blog for 7 fall activities to make your backyard harvest festival perfect.

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Take Your Kids Stargazing in Your Own Backyard

Stargazing is a timeless, fun way to inspire kids imaginations, encourage them to think about things on a grand scale, and let them explore the (literal) universe around them. Today, Little Tikes® will show you how your family can stargaze in the comfort of your own backyard or atop your Real Wood Adventures™ playset with or without a telescope.

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Build a Backyard Compost Bin with Your Kids

Starting your own compost bin is an awesome way to kickstart your family’s garden, and reduces the amount of waste your family creates. Check out Little Tikes’ step-by-step guide for how to start your own compost with just table scraps and green yard waste, maintain it, and some potential uses for it.

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How to Use Play to Teach Your Kids Successful Time Management Skills

As kids learn to tell time, they’re also developing valuable time management skills. Learning to manage their own time is a great way to prepare kids for success at school, at home, and later in life. Getting kids to learn to manage their own time can be tricky, but we’ve got a few ideas for how you can teach your kids about time management while they play.

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Host the Perfect Tea Party with Lilly Tikes

Hosting a tea party is the perfect role play activity for kids to do with their new Lilly Tikes™ Sing-Along Lilly, Sing-Along Ami, and Make Me Better Mitts™ dolls. Today, we’ll show you how you and your kids can host the perfect tea party.

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