Little Tikes® is proud to add this amazing new piece of furniture to its already stellar line up of bed sets, playsets and roleplay items. There are kitchens to cook in, restaurants to work or dine in, and now a cubicle to dream in. My First Cubicle™ is the perfect addition to our/your collection.

My First Cubicle™!

Whether your kids are doing schoolwork or work, work, it’ll be a lot more fun with Little Tikes My First Cubicle™. It’s the perfect place to study, do a job or just use that amazing imagination. Hey, making drawings and doing art projects can be work. Just think about all those doodles you do during your meetings or calls.

This set includes everything they’ll need like a chair to sit on, a desk to work at, drawers to hide snacks in, cups for office supplies (i.e., fidget toys) and 2 ¼ walls to display a calendar, post reminder notes, or show off your best art class creations.

Be Just Like Mom, Dad, Aunt Katie or Uncle Marc

Kids want to copy you, and role play is an essential part of growing up. It is why Little Tikes creates toys for every kind of play, and furniture that lets kids pretend to do the same things they see you doing. From water cooler, Monday morning quarterbacking, to endless online meetings, worker bees unite! My First Cubicle™ is the perfect way to prepare young ones for the corporate world.

Having Your Own Cubicle Would be Super Cool… But for now, it’s an April Fools’ Joke

Come on, we all need a laugh these days, and we’re hoping we made you smile. But here’s the thing, if you’re interested in seeing this product become a reality and go into production, please fill out the form below. Depending on interest, we may actually make it. And to be honest, we really loved creating this sample and had so much fun building it, playing with it, and featuring it in photo and video shoots.

Fill out the form if you are interested in seeing a real version of the My First Cubicle™

Real Wood

To learn more about our Little Tikes Real Wood line of play & furniture that you can actually buy now, visit Real Wood Adventures

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