There’s something about hosting a tea party that kids absolutely adore. Role play activities are a fantastic way to spark your kids’ imaginations, and can help your kids grow mentally, socially, and emotionally while they play. If you’re looking for a way to add a splash of creativity to your kids’ next tea party, check out these awesome ideas featuring the new Lilly Tikes™ Sing-Along Lilly and Sing-Along Ami dolls.


Pick Out a Game to Play

Picking out an active game is a great way to add some fun (and music) to your kids’ tea party. Try playing a game of “Ring Around the Rosie” with the all-new Lilly Tikes Sing-Along Lilly and Sing-Along Ami dolls. These dolls are so cute and really sing “Ring Around the Rosie” when you hold their hands. Best of all, Lilly & Ami come with their own teacups, saucers, teapot or cookies, and more accessories, so they can join your kids’ tea party too!


Make Some Invites for Your Kids’ Guests

If your kids love to draw, color, or paint, put their artistic skills to use by having them make invites for their upcoming tea party. Grab some construction paper and markers, crayons, or water colors and let them decorate to their heart’s content. For kids who are entering preschool, have them practice their letters by writing out the names of the people they want to invite.


Bake a Delicious Snack to Serve with Tea

If your kids love pretending to bake with Lilly’s Cook & Bake Kitchen, then why not let them help bake a real tasty treat for their tea party? We have this adorable Cozy Coupe Cookie Recipe that’s easy enough for your kids to help bake (with some adult supervision of course). Have your kids roll out the dough, set the cookies on the pan, add sprinkles, or do any other steps they can to help. These cookies will taste sweeter knowing that your kids helped make them.


Choose the Perfect Tea Flavor

If your kids are drinking real tea at their tea party (it’s good to mix it up and not always drink pretend tea), picking out a yummy flavor, like Pink Rose Lemonade Tea, is a great way to make their tea party more memorable. We recommend this awesome list of teas for kids that The Tea Spot put together. You can read all about the different flavors of tea and find one that your kids will enjoy.


Make Some Napkin Origami

Another way to make your kids’ next tea party perfect is by creating awesome table décor. Start by having your kids make some origami by folding napkins and setting them on top of everyone’s plate. Origami napkins will make your kids’ tea party look extra fancy, and they’re relatively easy for younger kids to make with a little assistance.


Set the Table

No tea party is complete without a properly set table. Have your kids pick some flowers from your garden, set out the silverware, choose their favorite tea cup and saucer, plate the snacks, and add all the finishing touches. Make sure your kids are counting how many place settings, chairs, teacups, and anything else they need to set the table (one for every guest and themselves) as they go.


Put out a Snack for Your Pet

If you’ve got a pet at home that comes sniffing around when the snacks are out, try giving them a special treat or snack to enjoy too. Your kids can also place out a pretend snack for Lilly & Ami’s dog: Mitts. Nothing makes Mitts feel better than when kids take care of him.

We hope your kids’ next tea party is perfect. Make sure to snap some cute pictures as your kids play Ring Around the Rosie, bake Cozy Coupe Cookies, and drink tea. We’d love to see them, so don’t forget to tag us when you post (@OfficialLittleTikes on Instagram, @LittleTikes everywhere else on social media)! 

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