Fall is here, and the time is right for pumpkins, hay rides, ghosts and trick-or-treating in costumes! Halloween is the perfect time of year to decorate, carve jack-o’-lanterns, and do tons of other frightfully fun indoor activities. This time of year, there is one question that haunts parents everywhere: what should my kid be for Halloween? No matter who or what your kid wants to be this Halloween (be it a princess, a robot, a dinosaur, or a dino-robot-princess) we’ve got great ideas about how to turn your Cozy Coupe into the perfect, custom Halloween costume!

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is Perfect for Your Halloween Costume and Trick-or-Treating

Every princess needs a chariot to take her to the ball.

Let your princess ride in style by turning her Cozy Coupe or Princess Horse and Carriage into the ultimate chariot. Make a large paper crown the same color as her dress and tape it to the top of your Cozy Coupe. Double up on the #twinning by making her a matching crown too!

Got a superhero flying around your house?

Grab some fabric and give your Cozy Coupe a matching cape and mask! Your little hero will feel as amazing as they are when they ride in to save the day in the perfect costume!

Turn Their Halloween Costume into a D.I.Y. Project

Want to make their Halloween costume into a D.I.Y. project? Grab a few cardboard boxes and make cut outs (like a dinosaur’s tail for your Dino Cozy Coupe, airplane wings, or anything else you can imagine) to match your kid’s awesome costume.  

Make a Mad Scientist's Escape Car!

Is your kid a mad scientist? When they’re done doing crazy experiments with their Wonder Lab, you can give their Cozy Coupe its own lab coat, put beakers in the cup holder, and pop your experiment cards in the trunk to give make it the perfect mad scientist’s escape car!

Turn your Cozy Coupe into a Papier Mâché Jack-o’-Lantern

Add a wire frame to give the pumpkin shape a nice structure and then turn your Cozy Coupe into a giant, rolling jack-o’-lantern! It’s the most stylish, yet comfortable, costume ever!

Turn your Cozy Coupe into a Pirate Ship!

Make a cardboard sail, cloth eyepatch, and paper towel telescope and turn your Cozy Coupe into a pirate ship! Your kid can be a scallywag on the high seas who also rides in comfort!

Add string lights for Halloween flare!

Add battery-powered pumpkin, bat or spider string lights for extra Halloween flare. That way your Cozy Coupe can light the way as you go trick or treating around the neighborhood

Make your Cozy Coupe some fuzzy spider legs!

Take black pipe cleaners, pool noodles, and other materials and make your Cozy Coupe some fuzzy spider legs! Nothing gets kids into the Halloween spirit quite like a spooky spider car. Stretch a little cotton webbing between the legs to add a spiderweb as the finishing touch!

Bust out the paint, and let your creativity fly!

Give your Cozy Coupe tiger stripes, a metallic finish so it looks like a robot, or paint it like mom and dad’s car. With a fresh coat of paint, your Cozy Coupe can be anything you or your kids dream up!

Play your favorite spooky tunes as you trick or treat

Add a wireless speaker and play your favorite spooky tunes as you trick or treat through the neighborhood. There’s nothing like a spontaneous dance party after you stop to drop your hard-earned treats off!

Whether your kids are dressed as animals, superheroes, video game or movie characters, or some other fun creation, it’s easy to tie in your Little Tikes Cozy Coupe into their costume to make everything just a little more Halloweeny. For 50 years Little Tikes has been a parent-trusted brand making kids toys that last. Looking for more great active play ideas? Check out www.LittleTikes.com for all our latest play tips & tricks!