Spooky costumes, face paint, and all the candy in the world make Halloween younger Americans’ favorite holiday of the year after Christmas. Dressing up lets kids imagine they’re someone, or something, else. One of the best ways to expand kids’ imaginations is through role play. With that in mind, we’ve put together 4 fun ways to dress up and role play year-round!

Yes, Chef!

Does your tike love to be in the kitchen? Do they always have to be at the center of the action at dinnertime? Try channeling that enthusiasm into the Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen. Have your tike throw on a white jacket and chef’s hat, and see what they serve up! With over 40 included accessories, the Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen is filled with hours of fun and dozens of things to cook.

You can elevate your tike’s play to the next level by downloading our Free App that has 4 modes of play, music, and recipes!

A Major Scientific Discovery!

If you’re looking to give your tike a leg up in school, or if your tike just loves to tinker and experiment, then the STEM Jr. Wonder Lab is the perfect role play toy. Throw on the included goggles and a lab coat, and your kids will be ready to discover something great! The Wonder Lab comes with 20 lab accessories AND 20 experiments that use at-home ingredients, so you and your tike are sure to get a head start on STEM learning while having a blast!

Cleanup Up on Aisle Fun

Kids love to pretend to do everyday activities like cooking, driving, and shopping. If your tike loves going to the supermarket, get the Shop ‘n Learn Smart Checkout and let their imagination run wild. The Smart Checkout lets kids transform the shopping experience into the stuff dreams are made of as they choose, scan, and bag over 35 interactive accessories. Try using the real, working scanner and downloadable app to pack in even more fun. The Shop ‘n Learn Smart Cart and Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner packs all use the same Smart Scan Technology as the Smart Checkout to create endless shopping fun!

Tikes to the Rescue!

Does your tike have an adventurous spirit? If they love to pretend to be a firefighter, then throw on a yellow jacket, firefighter’s hat, and get behind the wheel of the Ride & Rescue Cozy Coupe. The working horn, reflective light bar, and sleek red & white paint make this every little firefighter’s dream car. Get behind the wheel and race to the rescue!