One of the many ironies of raising children is that they want to help around the kitchen when they aren’t old enough, and when they are old enough, they don’t want to help anymore. However, if young children associate working in the kitchen as fun instead of a chore, you may see a greater willingness to help out as they get older.

One of the best ways that children learn is through role modeling and imaginative play. The Little Tikes Cook ’n Learn Smart Kitchen is the perfect way to help them develop excellent independent habits for a lifetime.

What kids (and parents) love about the Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen


  1. The sounds are realistic and fun

Some play kitchens aren’t very much fun. Sure, it is a great thing when kids use their imagination, but sometimes the realism of lights and sounds creates better imaginative play, which is critical for a growing mind. Children want to be just like you. Hearing the same microwave, running water, and timer sounds makes them feel grown up.

  1. The kitchen is fully integrative

Whether parents like it or not, the new generation will use technology in every aspect of their lives. If you are having a hard time pulling your youngster away from the screen, the Cook ’n Learn Smart Kitchen is the perfect way to integrate their tablet into play to help make their screen time more educational.

  1. There are over 46 accessories included

Everything that your little one needs to bring out the inner chef is included in the Cook n’ Learn Smart Kitchen. Not just about pretend play, it introduces your child to vegetables and fruits and how to command a kitchen. For extra learning opportunities, there is even a garden center to teach children about how to grow their own food instead of relying on the grocery store.

  1. The kitchen is big enough for more than just one child

Most play kitchens only have enough room for one. Limited space can leave kids fighting for the toy, which can be no fun at all for parents. The Cook n’ Learn Smart Kitchen has enough room and activities to engage everyone in play at once.

  1. Four play modes keep things interesting

The free play interactive mode is an excellent way to help your growing youngster learn cool food facts while also helping them with phrases and language development. The app responds to each item and helps your child recognize what it is and how to pronounce it.

The recipes app shows children how to organize and follow instructions, which is an excellent way for kids to develop higher learning functions at an earlier age. The music mode teaches them letters, numbers, and also incorporates the science behind how plants grow. Finally, the games app is the perfect way to keep your little one engaged and occupied.

  1. It teaches your child about accomplishments and the reward system

Kids can keep track of their cooking progress with fun trophies and stickers that they earn by completing tasks and learning facts. Giving them praise for a job well done is one of the best ways to foster good self-esteem, and the in-app rewards give them the motivation needed to keep exploring and learning.

Engaging your kids in imaginative play, teaching them about responsibility, and developing their language and speech skills will provide tangible benefits for the rest of their lives.  And if they have fun doing it, even better! Check out the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen today.