The weather is warming up and summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to find some great new water activities for your kids to do this summer! We’ve got the perfect water toys for kids of all ages, abilities, and comfort levels, so no matter how comfortable your kids are around water, we’ve got something that’ll make their summer a splash!

Water Toys for Infants & Toddlers Who Can’t Swim Yet

Kids get comfortable with water at different ages. Some infants love bath time and some 5-year-olds would rather do anything than go in the pool (well, except maybe take a bath). If your kid isn’t swimming or comfortable in the water yet, try helping them get used to the sensation of water with some bathtub toys or a water table.

Our classic bath time game, Bathketball, is the perfect way to add a little active play into their nightly (we wish!) wash. Your kids can shoot hoops or sort the different shapes while they soak in the suds. If you’d rather keep the water play outside the house, try the new Little Baby Bum Five Little Ducks Water Table. Inspired by the classic nursery rhyme, the Five Little Ducks Water Table features kids favorite LBB characters in a fun, hands-on setting. Each of the five different activity stations brings something new to the table, and this toy is perfect to play with while they sing along to their favorite LBB nursery rhymes.

Sensory Play Activities to do with Water Tables

For toddlers who don’t love water (yet), or if you’re looking for an activity that injects a little learning into your kids’ water play, try doing different sensory play activities with their favorite water table. Let your kids experiment by pouring water between containers that have different shapes but hold similar volumes and watch as their eyes light up with wonder. They’re learning the concept of volume, but the delight on their face will make you swear it’s magic.

You can make this experiment easier by using funnels to help them transfer the water from one container to another. Or, for more sensory fun, have your kids try transferring the water using sponges. Sponges are soft, squishy, and help kids learn that certain materials absorb water better than others.

Another exciting sensory experiment to do with your kids is to take two glasses and fill them up with equal amounts of water (about 10 ounces of water should be enough). Then, place one glass in the freezer overnight. In the morning, pull the glass out of the freezer and put it next to the unfrozen glass of water. Notice how the ice has expanded in size?

Unlike most liquids, water expands when it turns into its solid form, ice. If your kids don’t believe you, leave the frozen glass out to melt all day and notice how it returns to the original volume. Science is magic! Regardless of what path you choose, sensory experiments help introduce kids to the foundational concepts behind basic math and science. The Wonder Lab, Tornado Tower, and all of our water tables make great play stations to try out these and more sensory activities!

Water Tables That are Packed with Activities

If your kids love playing with the water, but you’d rather not have to fill up your inflatable pool every day, a water table is a great way to let them get their hands (and feet) wet. Our all-new Island Wavemaker water table has five built-in play stations, and the innovative new Wavemaker Wheel that lets kids create currents and waves with their own two hands!

If you’re looking for a water table for kids that love to tinker and play with their hands, check out our Magic Flower Water Table. This multi-tiered water table has unique water activities (like a ‘blooming’ flower, spinning turtles, and waterfalls) built into every level. When your kids water the flower at the top, it ‘blooms’ in a way that’s sure to fill them with delight. Best of all: the Magic Flower Water Table was designed to fit in with your garden’s natural colors!

Water Tables That are Packed with Activities

If your kids love sports, try putting a fun twist on their summer with Triple Play Splash T-Ball and Splash Hit Tennis. These awesome sports toys work with or without water (but, let’s be honest, your kids are going to want to play with water). Triple Play Splash T-Ball works as a t-ball set, a foot-powered launcher, or uses water to create a wet and wild tee for kids to hit off of. Splash Hit Tennis uses this same innovative technology and applies it to tennis. Score big points with your kids with these sports toys that are sure to make a splash!

Water-Centric Games to Play

If you’ve got a wet inflatable, like the Rocky Mountain River Race, or a pool, your kids are definitely going to want to play some games while they swim this summer. Classic pool games like Marco Polo, Simon Says, or searching for ‘treasure’ under the water are great ways to get your kids up and active and inspire their imaginations at the same time. Best of all, these are all great screen-free, outdoor activities that kids love.

We hope these awesome activities inspire a summer of fun for you and your kids this year. Make sure to snap a picture of your kids as they play outside this summer, and don’t forget to tag us (@OfficialLittleTikes on Instagram, @LittleTikes everywhere else on social media)!

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