Is your tike lacking in confidence around the pool? Don’t feel alone! Many kids experience pre-swim jitters. The trick to beat nerves is to teach water safety while keeping things fun. These tips will inspire your tikes to swim with fishy-confidence in no time!

Safety First!

This classic piece of water safety equipment will get your tike splashing and playing in no time — a life jacket! Not just any life jacket will do, according to The American Red Cross, you should look for U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets. These are the only life jackets approved for kids to use in the pool — with an adult always present, of course.

Hop In Yourself!

There is no one your tike trusts more than you! Taking the plunge and trying new things can be scary, but you can minimize that fear by joining the fun. Break out the soothing sing-a-long songs, bubbles, and peek-a-boos your tike is used to, in the pool! This is an ideal time to reinforce your emotional bond while relieving some of the nervousness of swimming. Eye contact, a firm touch, and maintaining a calm demeanor are surefire ways to keep your tike relaxed.

Doggy paddle, spin, and much more!

Now that you’re in the water, it’s time to play! A simple ring-around-the-rosy will get your tike acquainted with movement in the water while injecting a dose of classic fun.

Show your tike how to make bubbles by blowing the surface of the water, or from beneath the surface like a fish. Whoever can blow the most bubbles back and forth wins!

You want to be very selective with the toys you bring into the pool. Make sure to only bring toys that are water safe and easy to use. What if you were to choose a toy that gives a fun twist on a traditional swim move?

There is no better swimming pal than Swim To Me Puppy™! This cute pup likes to take walks but he loves to swim! Place him in the bath tub to show your tike how Swim To Me Puppy doggy-paddles, then transition to the pool to kick in up a notch! Once they see this pup swimming in the pool, your tike will gain confidence and doggy-paddle along too.