Back to School shopping season is about to kick off (if it hasn’t already for some) and parents across the country are starting the necessary preparations for the big day. Whether you child is going back to school or attending for the very first time, this is an exciting time for both parents and kids. Conjuring bittersweet feelings of leaving the nest, making friends, and growing up. So, while we can’t do anything about your emotions, we can certainly help prepare for whats to come. Because it is through play that children discover the foundation of learning, socializing, and staying healthy. With Little Tikes and a few helpful tips, your child will not only be prepared but shine at Preschool.

To keep the focus on fun, here are some great tips reinforced by our great toys:

Use pretend play to explore the idea of preschool. Playhouses, kitchens, workshops, and water tables are perfect toys that can be employed to act out common daily routines. These introduce your child to the common tasks he or she will face upon entering their education. Simple things like practicing greetings, unzipping and hanging up jackets, or playing outside with other kids reassures children by making them feel more in control. They also give lots of opportunities to play with other children. Reducing anxiety for more fun and learning.

Play with Toys that encourage problem-solving and fine motor skills.  Having had a chance to social and explore the daily routines, consider introducing more advanced toys like Big Waffle Blocks, Big Car Carrier, Outdoor Climbers, and musical toys. Toys that help kids figure out things on their own and introduce fine motor skills. Like puzzles, these items allow critical thinking and problem solving. Jump starting the thinking process and unleashing their imagination!

Get out and move! Toys that get kids moving like climbers, swings and swingsets, trampolines, bouncers, scooters, and trikes are all great items to help kids gain more control over their bodies. Preschool is a time where huge physical advancements like balance and muscle growth occur. So get out and run, jump, climb and swing! Because by putting these skills to work early, parents can rest easy knowing that the playground is a safe and fun place while away from their children..

Lastly, go early and visit your new preschool. Early visits instill more confidence and a level of comfort. By touring the school and playing on the playground, parents have a chance to introduce them to their new world slowly. Affording questions to be asked and better addressing the little one’s concerns.