Sensory play is all about stimulating the senses. This Halloween, The Little Tikes Company, encourages you to tease the touch and sight with some festive and fun sensory tubs. Simple everyday items come alive with the addition of food coloring, freezing the item or making them slippery with cooking oil. Being in tubs also make for an excellent medium that kids can learn and play in without the mess. Also, try a blindfold a spooky backstory for scary good times. Corn syrup and red food coloring makes a good, sticky prop as fake blood. Use it on anything! Afterward be sure to provide moist towels or wash stations. Nobody likes sticky furniture or stained walls ;).

Some age-appropriate sensory play that kids will love this Halloween:

2-4 years

Slimy Spaghetti/Plate of guts: Cold spaghetti makes for a gooey good time. Add a bit of oil and food coloring for added fun.

Sensory Bag with Slimy Eyes: Hair gel and a zip lock bag make for some great toddler amusement. Insert googly eyes in for some added festivity and interest.

Creepy crawlies: Cooked rice with a little bit of water feels a lot like maggots. Put a pile of gummy worms in for extra convincing fun.

4+ years

Bowl of eyeballs: Fill up a bowl with frozen peeled grapes. Add a tiny bit of olive or vegetable oil to make them slippery.

Bucket of vomit: Creamy or chunky works: stuff like salsa, corn, and peas.

Brains: Cauliflower land cottage cheese make for great brains. Try Jell-O molds in the shape of a brain for extra squishy fun.

Licked by a werewolf: Tell your guests there’s a werewolf in the room who wants to say hello. Wipe their cheeks with a thin-sliced dill pickle, it feels like a tongue!

Dismembered Hands: Get some surgical gloves and fill them up with oatmeal and tie off the ends. The squishier, the better.


Purchase a playhouse for more spooky fun here, and remember, parent or guardian supervision is always required.


Happy Halloween,

The Little Tikes Co.