Summer. It’s a time of freedom, fun and sunshine. School is out, and for many kids that is great news! It means staying up late, playing outside for hours and eating lots of watermelon. For parents, it means finding a balance between a summer of pure fun and a summer with some structure so that kids don’t lose the momentum they’ve gained by learning and exploring.

What if we could find ways to keep our kids’ brains busy without it feeling like work?

Enter the new STEM Jr. Wonder Lab from Little Tikes!

It is part of the all new STEM Jr. line and includes over 20 unique experiments to playfully explore STEM. The experiments are perfectly designed for preschool aged children, and let kids perform their favorite experiments again and again.

We had a chance to play with the Wonder Lab, and our daughter was thrilled. After only one day of playing, she consistently asked me every morning “Which experiment are we going to do today!?”

The hands-on experiments Little Tikes created are so easy to follow, and use many household items, which makes them very convenient to do again and again. We had so much fun being scientists together.

When searching for new toys we always consider their educational value, and the Wonder Lab is packed with learning opportunities.

It is a great toy to increase your kid’s curiosity and love for science and mathematics. The experiments make learning about STEM fun and engaging. We were also thrilled with the kid-friendly lab manual. It gives age appropriate explanations for things like chemical reactions and circuits.

Even as an adult, I found the Wonder Lab engaging and fun. If you have a child who loves science or experimentation this is definitely the toy for you!

The Wonder Lab provides easy activities to stimulate your child’s brain without being too overwhelming. This great new toy provides hands-on experiences, and tons of entertainment with its catchy sounds and endless hours of discovery. It’s true! You can have a summer filled with entertainment and learning.

Visit the Little Tikes Instagram for a chance to win 1 of 5 Wonder Labs! Sweepstakes ends 7/20, open to US and Canada. See the official rules here.

Excited to bring it home now? Wonder Lab is available for pre-sale now at!

Written by Lauren Gaines

Lauren Gaines is a currently is stay-at-home mom busy chasing around two adorable toddlers. She loves to encourage other moms to find joy in the chaos. Follow her on Heart of Deborah, Facebook and Instagram.