Make a Baseball diamond in your backyard and host a home run derby with the Little Tikes Triple Play Splash T-Ball set!

Baseball season is just around the corner, so if your kids are eager to get a head start, why not host a home run derby? The Triple Play Splash T-Ball set works as a tee for beginners, a pop-up launcher for seasoned sluggers, and is the only tee that has new Splash T-Ball built in. However they play, your kids will love hosting a home run derby with the Triple Play Splash T-Ball set.

Put on a puppet show using your Springlings Surprise! pets. What exciting stories can you tell?

Turn this into an afternoon activity for the whole family by designing your own set, costumes for your Springlings, and more. What fun ways can your kids think to use their Springlings’ houses in the set? Try recreating your favorite fairytales, bedtime stories, and movies with this adorable cast of bouncy critters!

Create a racetrack with your YouDrive Flex Tracks! Try adding household items (like chairs, pillows, or cardboard boxes) to make your track even bigger!

YouDrive remote control cars are the world’s easiest to control RC cars. The simple one-touch remote makes it easy for kids of all ages to play with them. Once your little race car driver is ready to race, try building a racetrack or obstacle course using the Flex Tracks and other objects from home. Try building a ramp out of cardboard, or a maze out of cups. Creating obstacle courses, mazes, and racetracks encourages kids to think creatively and reimagine how they use everyday objects.


Grab your Slammin' Racers and do a jump contest. See which Slammin' Racers jump the highest, farthest, and do the best spins!

Slammin’ Racers vehicles are the perfect way for kids to get in the race and control the action themselves. Each Slammin’ Racers vehicle goes up to 15 feet per slam, which makes them the perfect cars to launch off ramps, do stunts, and race with. Build a ramp using cardboard, scrap wood, and other materials from home. Once you’re set up, try launching your Slammin’ Racers cars off it. Try ramps of different inclines, lengths, and shapes to see which builds let your Slammin’ Racers vehicles catch the most air.