The holiday season is in full swing with family, friends, gifts, and more! With all the feasting, gift exchanges, and spending time with loved ones, it’s important to take a moment to remind your kids to say thanks to those they love. To finish off the season of giving, we’ve put together a list of ways that your kids can give a big thanks to those they love:


Giving A Hand Around the House

A great way for kids to say ‘thank you’ to Mom and Dad during the holidays is by lending a helping hand around the house. Whether they put away their toys in their toy chest, help sort the dishes in the dishwasher, or shovel snow off the driveway, the important thing is your kids are taking a moment to help Mom and Dad out!


Make Some Desserts for the Whole Family

Do your kids have a favorite dessert recipe from the Tasty Junior Bake ‘n Share Kitchen? Why not help them bake something delicious for the whole family? You can find the real recipes that inspired their favorite toy (and more great recipes) by visiting


Give Their Teacher(s) Some Extra School Supplies

Your kids’ teachers are one of the biggest (and most underappreciated) influences on their lives, so your kids should take time to say ‘thanks’ to them before leaving for winter break. You could buy your kids’ teachers some extra school supplies, give them gift cards, or maybe even some hand-made crafts. Whatever you do, have your kids write a thank you note to go along with their gift.


Give Their Best Friend a Hug

If your kids aren’t exchanging gifts with their best friends this holiday season, make sure they still take time to say ‘thank you’ anyways. Sometimes a big hug is all they need to convey their love.


Give the Dog a Special Treat

It’s important to not only remind the other humans in your kids’ lives how much they’re loved, but also their pets, too. Next time you’re out, swing by your local pet store and pick up a treat or other reward for the special animal in your family.


Make a Handmade Thank You Card for Their Grandparents

Grandparents play an important role in kids’ lives, often filling the roles of babysitter, friend, guardian, and more. They’re also full of wise knowledge and family history that your kids will learn to appreciate and cherish. So next time your kids are working on some crafts on their Easy Store™ Picnic Table, have them  take a minute to remind Grandma and Grandpa how much they love them with a handmade thank you card.


Give Their Siblings a Ride in Their Cozy Coupe

Siblings are the closest relatives your kids have (even if they’re sometimes a little difficult to deal with), so as your kids are taking time to give thanks to those they love, make sure they plan something special for their siblings too. It can be as easy as sharing a favorite toy, or just pushing their siblings around in their Cozy Coupe®. 

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