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Have you ever wondered why children love to play “doctor”? Or host tea parties? Perhaps your child likes to play homemaker and keep things nice and tidy?

It’s called dramatic role play. And if you’ve noticed your child start to act out something similar to one of the aforementioned scenarios, it’s time to thinking about more ways of encouraging this type of play.

Start by providing children with more opportunities to explore real world environments (i.e. taking them along on walks, shopping trips, or doctor visits). Simple acts like these expose your child to people in the community and it gives them first-hand experiences to different sights, smells, and behaviors we adults incorporate daily. Next, start to develop dramatic role play at home by providing toys that help set the stage for these scenarios. Items like kitchens, workshops, playhouses, and other playsets can be used along with their own actions and voice to develop a truly remarkable pretend story. You’ll be amazed at what their precious minds come up with a little help from Little Tikes!

So this holiday season, share in the things you love. has everything toddlers want and parents approve.


Happy Holidays,

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