Halloween is coming, is your tike’s costume ready? We put together three easy, do-it-yourself costume ideas that will make your tike the coolest trick-or-treater on the block. No need to be spooked, here are some classic Halloween costumes with a Little Tikes twist.

Train Conductor

Choo-Choo! All aboard the DIY train! This timeless costume is so much fun to customize. First start with a pair of overalls, you might already have this in your tike’s closet. Tuck a bandana into their back pocket and add a conductor’s hat. Use a bit of face paint to dab on “grease marks” to really take it up a notch. Continue the fun with the Waffle Blocks™ Steam Train, which releases real steam, so your conductor can run their very own train!

Racecar Driver

Win the race for best Halloween costume with this speedy, easy to assemble DIY costume. Start with a solid color jumpsuit of your choice, checkered duct tape, and cap or helmet. Use the checkered tape and apply a neat strip up both sleeves, pant legs, and across the waist band. Add some checkered tape to the helmet for extra flair. You can also accessorize with a small checkered canvas trick-or-treat bag!

Ensure your racecar driver makes it to the finish line with their own speedy race car. The Little Tikes Tire Twister™ Lights is the wildest wheel ever featuring lights and sounds. Light up the night with this car, it can go forward backwards and spin a full 360 degrees!


Fire Fighter

Ring the alarm because this DIY Halloween costume is blazing! Red, yellow, or black color schemes will work. Find a dress up firefighter’s helmet, and reflective tape to really pull of this costume. Add a raincoat with reflective tape on the sleeves for a nice fire fighter’s jacket. Mix it up by layering a white T-shirt, suspenders, and long khaki pants with big dark boots. But don’t let your tike go searching for treats without checking out the Waffle Blocks™ Fire Truck!