Thanksgiving is the time of year when families gather round the table to share food, strains of the common cold, and, most importantly, memories. Each Thanksgiving Day is filled with cooking, football, spending time with family, and of course: entertaining the kids. If you’ve ever had to host a flock of bored four-year-olds for Thanksgiving, you know that crafts and activities can be a real lifesaver. To make things easier, here are our three favorite Thanksgiving activities for kids:

Get Crafty with Your Table Decor!

While you’re out buying a few last-minute groceries, pick up some felt or construction paper for a fun craft project. Set the kids to work at their Tracing Art Desk making table decorations using safety scissors, glue, and their imaginations.

Kids can design turkeys, pilgrim hats, pumpkins, leaves, and whatever else pops into their creative little heads. In addition to being an awesome, screen-free activity, you’ll also have the perfect festive table decorations when they’re done!

Fork on the Left, or Right?

Thanksgiving Day is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids how to set the table. With 20+ settings to put out, setting the table turns into a great activity to practice counting, following directions, and good etiquette. Let’s be honest, you’re putting out paper plates and plastic silverware this year, so there’s not going to be any accidental dropping of Grandma’s china.

Add a Splash of Color!

If you’ve got time the day before Thanksgiving, put some butcher paper over your Easy Store Picnic Table and let your kids paint a fun and festive tablecloth using finger paint! Painting stretches your kids’ creativity and imaginations while they collaborate on their design.

Bonus: you get a colorful tablecloth and they get to share their amazing mural with all of your holiday guests! Make sure you let the butcher paper dry out the night before, we wouldn’t want Uncle Dave to get paint all over his turkey tie!

Easy Store™ Picnic Table

This kid-sized picnic table is sure to brighten up your patio. The table seats 6 children and comes conveniently equipped with 2 cup holders, a multipurpose condiment/crayon tray. Plus, it can be used for indoor or outdoor play and folds for easy portability and storage.

Tracing Art Desk

This Tracing Art Desk features a removable tracing board for stationary and on-the-go arts and crafts fun! Help inspire art projects, crafts, drawing and a love of art with these kid’s art products.

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