Whether it’s cold and blustery or sunny and hot, parents are always looking for more fun, active play ideas for their kids. Brainstorming amazing new ways for the kids to play can be hard when you’re balancing school, work, and a million other little things. Don’t worry, we’ve done the brainstorming for you! We’ve put together dozens of great active play ideas for you and your family. Here are five you and your kids can try out today:

Hoop it up!

If your kid is a hoops fanatic, try using their TotSports™ Easy Score™ Basketball Set while you do chores like picking up laundry! You can make picking up clothes into a fun game with one of these basketball games or by challenging your kids to make trick shots, jump shots, and more with their bundled up socks and shirts! They’ll love the silly, impromptu game, and what parent doesn’t love it when kids pick up after themselves?!

Take a Drive

If your kid prefers the open road to the basketball court, grab some tape (or some chalk if it’s sunny outside) and create a racetrack for them to drive their Cozy Truck™ around all afternoon. Once they’re behind the wheel, try mixing things up by adding twists, turns, and intersections to your road. Your kids are bound to love driving around town, just like Mom and Dad!

Here are some other fun, quick play ideas for your kids

Take to the Skies

Imagine you’re a pilot on a rocket ship headed to Mars on the Easy Store™ 3ft-Trampoline! It’s one small bounce for you, one giant leap for them!

Get Down!

Start a spontaneous dance party at least once a day! Have your kids put together a custom playlist for you to boogie to.

Start Conducting

Start a musical parade with pots, pans, spatulas and anything else you can find in the kitchen! Letting your kids make their own musical instruments is a great way to stretch their imaginations and improvisational skills.