Wintertime is full of fun activities and memories for kids: making snowmen, sledding, spending time with the family. But, when the days start to get longer and the weather refuses to warm up, it can often lead to long days stuck indoors with nothing new to do. At Little Tikes®, we want everyone to Play Big! indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between. That’s why we’ve put together these four active play ideas for your family to try on cold days:

Build an obstacle course for your kids using a Little Tikes® Cozy Coupe® and other household items. Now race through it!

One of the key components of Play Big! is getting up and doing something active. Try giving your kids different objects like cardboard boxes, cones, folding chairs, blankets, and tape and see what sort of obstacle course they can design in your playroom or basement. Building things like obstacle courses encourages kids to get up, get active, and get creative. There’s no right or wrong way to build and obstacle course, your kids just build one the way they want to!

Now that your kids have designed their obstacle course, break out your Cozy Coupe® and have them race through it. They can have a timed race, a relay race, or even just see who can come up with the most original way to navigate through the obstacle course. Let your kids decide for themselves what the race is about, and watch as they get active and grow their imaginations.

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Get Bouncy!

Break out the Little Tikes® Easy Store™ 3ft-Trampoline. Have a jumping contest — see who can jump the most! Encourage a little friendly competition amongst your kids and see who can jump the most in a minute, or have them bounce to the beat of their favorite songs.

Warm Up Creativity

Take the fun indoors on the Little Tikes® Easy Store™ Jr. Play Table with crafts, drawing, or a tea party! Cold days are a great opportunity to turn those little odds and ends from around the house into a neat craft project. Activities like crafts and drawings are great ways to keep your kids’ bodies and minds active when the weather won’t cooperate.

"Clean Up" The Musical

Turn on the music and clean up your toys to the beat. Every parent knows how tricky it can be to get your kids to clean up after playtime is over. Try making cleaning up a part of playtime by putting on their favorite song and seeing if you can get all their toys put away before the music stops!