At long last, spring has sprung! April showers will bring May flowers (and hopefully some sunshine too), and kids around world are itchy to get outside and play. As you wait for the weather to warm up, why not try a few fun activities, indoors and outdoors, with your Springlings!

Hide and Go Spring!

Gather up all your Springlings and hide them around the house for your kids to find. Hide and Go Seek is a great game to test kids’ creativity and memories, and it’s also a fun way to practice for Easter egg hunting!

Encourage your kids to take turns hiding the Springlings themselves, or set a timer and see how many they can find in five minutes to mix up the gameplay.

Super Star Springlings!

If your kids are big college hoops fans, why not host a three-point contest, or another basketball game, using your Springings?! See what fun trick shots you can make using these springy little animals, how high you can ‘dribble’ them, or try bouncing them off the ground and into your TotSports™ Easy Score™ Basketball Set. Springlings are always sure to surprise you with their springiness!

A springy surprise awaits

Springlings are adorable, playful little critters, bursting with excitement that will delight toddlers when opened.
Collect them all!

A Bubbly, Bouncy Tea Party!

Why not throw the ultimate tea party for your Springlings? Gather up some cups, a tea pot, and your Garden Table and Chairs and role play a tea party with your kids and their Springlings.

Role play offers kids opportunities to practice their social skills and real-life interactions. You can even Play Big! with your tea party by preparing some real snacks, adding in a game of musical chairs, or dressing up as fairytale characters.

Silly, Sliding Storytime

Have your kids take their Springlings for a ride down their First Slide, and tell a little story about them as they go. Ask what sort of food their Springlings like to eat, what their favorite games are, and anything else your kids can imagine. Try having your kids build on each other’s stories, one sentence at a time, and see what they dream up!