It’s National Pool Opening Day, which means summer is just around the corner and the time for pool parties, water slides, and tons of outdoor play has arrived. As your kids hop in the water for the first time, don’t forget to keep these Swimming Tips to Build Confidence in Your Kids in mind. Once you and your kids are ready to hop in the water, check out these six great water toys that are perfect with or without a pool!

1) The Fun Zone Drop Zone™

The Fun Zone Drop Zone is a kid-sized pool that packs an extra bit of fun with the built-in dump bucket. Kids can crank water or plastic balls up into the dump bucket until it overflows and sends the water splashing down. The Drop Zone also works as a ball pit indoors. Kids can use the hand crank to fill the dump bucket up with the 25 included plastic balls.

2) The Wacky Wash™

If you’re looking for a way to make your Cozy Coupe® even better, try the Wacky Wash! Twin spray heads and the spinning fabric strips make it feel like kids are taking their Cozy Coupe through a real carwash. The included blower makes this inflatable toy so easy to set up and clean up.

3) The Fun Zone Dual Twister™

Kids say this spinning toy is so much fun it leaves their heads spinning! Another toy that’s good year-round (the Dual Twister also works as a classic sit & spin toy when not hooked up to water), attach a hose to the Dual Twister and take the fun to a whole new level.

4) The Fun Zone Battle Splash Water Table™

For younger kids, water tables are an excellent way to get used to the sensation of water while they’re learning to swim. Kids can use any of the Battle Splash Water Table’s three included hoses to take aim at the spinning targets, sinkable ships, or the bullseye. Fill the central water chamber all the way to the top and the water blasts back out!

5) The Fun Zone Splash Face™

Splash Face is a fun, new aquatic game for kids of all ages. It starts out as a classic game of tug-of-war, but as one side starts to win, the other side gets splashed by a jet of water. The further you pull it, the more the other team gets splashed.

6) The Fun Zone Pop ‘n Splash Surprise™

This indoor/outdoor game builds suspense as kids take turns stomping the foot pedal, spinning the crank, or pushing the handle down. Each action takes the pool of water (or the included 25 plastic balls for indoor play) closer to erupting. Don’t get caught underneath when this game bursts with surprise!

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