The sun is shining, the weather is warming, and kids everywhere are excited to get outside and play. If your kids are looking for some fun new activities to do outside this summer, we’ve got you covered! Today we’re featuring some of our favorite activities (and toys, of course) to get your kids up and active this summer.

Teach Your Kid(s) to Ride a Bike

There’s just something so awesome about kids learning to ride a bike for the first time. The feeling of accomplishment they get when they’re up and pedaling is absolutely amazing. Luckily, we’ve got our totally unique My First Balance-to-Pedal Bike that’s specifically designed to make it easier for kids to learn to ride. We also put together this handy guide to help you teach your kids to ride a bike, easily. 

If your kids are still too young to ride a bike, try working on their gross motor skills with a ride-on toy like the Go Green!™ Cozy Truck™ with Trailer.

Do Everything on the Sand-Bucket List

In case you missed it, our Sand-Bucket List has 50 different activities your family can do together this summer. Whether you want to campout in the backyard, catch fireflies, or make paper airplanes and see which flies the farthest; there are tons of activities on the Sand-Bucket List that your family can do together in the comfort of your own home.

Make a Splash in Your Backyard

Splashing around the backyard with water tables, a gigantic wet inflatable bouncer, or even just the sprinkler is the perfect way to get your kids up and active this summer. Let your kids run wild, or give them some different activities to do with their water table. We recommend the Magic Flower Water Table™ for kids who love toys with a bit of surprise, or the Island Wavemaker™ for kids who love to splash around while they play. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Discover a New Sport Together

If your kids are big baseball fans, let them step up to the plate themselves with the TotSports™ T-Ball Set, or try out the innovative Triple Play Splash T-Ball™ for a splashing good time. Try hosting a home run derby in your backyard or just practicing hitting off a tee to improve your kids’ hand-eye coordination. 

Or, if your kids love tennis, why not check out Splash Hit Tennis™. This innovative new water toy lets your kids practice their swing while the ball balances on a jet of water. The tee also doubles as a ball launcher so kids can play without water as well. Summer is the perfect time to let your kids experiment with a variety of different sports, and you never know which ones they’ll love!

Play an Outdoor Game Like Capture the Flag

If you’re looking for activities that stretch for hours on end, why not introduce your kids to Capture the Flag? This is a great game for large families or kids of different ages to play together. Just split everyone into two teams and assign each team a flag and a base. We recommend using the Cape Cottage Playhouse™ or a Real Wood Adventures™ playset for the bases. If you’re looking for some other great outdoor games to play together as a family, try Hide and Seek, any of these versions of Tag, hosting the Backyard Olympics, or any of these great backyard games.

Now you’re all set for a summer of fun, outdoor activities! Don’t forget to snap a few pictures of your kids while they play and tag us when you post (@OfficialLittleTikes on Instagram, @LittleTikes everywhere else on social media)!

Ready for more? We will be back soon with the all-new Little Tikes Camp Play@Home. This virtual summer camp will have all sorts of activities, games, and more ways to play–and some special things especially for you as parents to stay sane! Check out our blog for more information in the coming weeks.

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