Little Tikes knows active play has health benefits for developing children but did you know playing active games can also help in a classroom? How playing games and learning actually go hand in hand for retaining information? This great process of learning and problem solvings fosters your child’s comfort with certain principles and practices. All while engaged in play.

For example, using math to add an extra element to playtime.  Bowling can be extended by counting how many pins are still standing after a player turn. Or maybe, counting steps away from the basketball hoop before shooting the ball, counting out how many passes can be made before someone drops the ball, or as simple as calling out the points after a score. All are great exercises to incorporate learning during play for shaping young minds.

Let us know how it turns out! We would love to hear more about how you play with your child and some of the things you do. Feel free to reply to the post or on Facebook and let’s share on the good ideas.


-The Little Tikes Company™