Thanksgiving is the time of year for giving. Kids all over the world are giving thanks, giving back, giving a hand, and giving big in tons of different ways. When Thanksgiving day rolls around though, sometimes, as parents, we wish they’d give us a little space. That’s why, today we’re going to focus on different ways your kids can give a hand on Thanksgiving day (while also giving you the space and time you need to bake a turkey, peel potatoes, clean the house, and do 10 million other things to get ready for the big day). Here are our top seven ways that your kids can give a hand this Thanksgiving:


Making Centerpieces and Other Decorations

Arts and crafts time is a great activity for cold and blustery fall days. So break out the markers, construction paper, glue, and any other materials your kids want and have them make centerpieces for the Thanksgiving table. Don’t forget to lay down some newspaper on their workspace (or use your Easy Store Picnic Table with it’s easy-to-clean surface) so they can clean up afterwards!


Emptying the Garbage and Recycling Cans

If your kids are diligent about their chores, why not task them with emptying the garbage and recycling bins around the house throughout Thanksgiving Day? This is a great way to test your kids’ memory and responsibility since it requires them to check in every so often throughout the day. And don’t forget the best part of all: they’re going to burn a ton of energy running around the house all day.


Setting the Table

Setting the table is a great way to having your kids give a hand and empower them at the same time (as long as you’re not using Grandma’s fine china for Thanksgiving dinner, anyway). If your kids are a little too young to handle the heavy plates, consider using recyclable plates and silverware instead.


Organizing Guests’ Coats

As your guests arrive, have your kids take their coats and hang them in a closet, put them on the guest bedroom bed, or drape them over a couch arm in the living room. While they’re at it, have them help elderly relatives up the steps, give newcomers a tour of the house, or any other simple tasks they can take off your hands. It’s a great way to show your kids you trust them (and keep your attention on the turkey).


Setting Up Activities for Younger Sibling, Cousins, and Friends

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year (or even if you’re not) why not encourage your kids to bring a game or other group activity out for their younger relatives, siblings, and friends to play? Maybe have them bring along their Old MacDonald’s Farm Memory Match-Up Game or Wheels on the Bus Scoot to play with others. Just keeping themselves occupied for an hour or two is a big way to give a hand.


Washing and Drying Dishes

Thanksgiving dinner tends to generate TONS of dishes (and tons of turkey-related sleepiness too), so having your kids help wash or dry the dishes after dinner is a great way for them to be helpful. For younger kids, drying is probably easier than washing the dishes, but even just gathering dishes from the table and bringing them to the sink is a great chore for kids who want to lend a hand just like mom and dad.


Handing Out Slices of Pumpkin Pie

Now, this is assuming your kids won’t just eat all the pumpkin pie before they hand it out (no guarantees that won’t happen), but if you’re looking for a tasty way that your kids can lend a hand, this is it!

These are only a few ideas for how you can give a big hand this Thanksgiving! We love hearing stories about how you and your kids give a hand around the holidays. Make sure to snap a picture and don’t forget to tag us (@OfficialLittleTikes on Instagram, @LittleTikes everywhere else on social media)!

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