Are your kids artists? Or maybe they just love to draw? Whatever artistic bug has bitten your family, we’ve got the perfect new Cozy Coupe for you: the D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe! This customizable Cozy Coupe lets your kids take everyone’s favorite first car and turn it into a stylin’ ride that’s totally their own.

Kids can customize the look of their D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe using the included paint and markers. Best of all: you can wash the paint off your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe to decorate it all over again! Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to decorating your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe. We’ve put together eight tips & tricks to help your kids design the D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe of their dreams:


Create Your Own Stencil Patterns

The easiest and best way to create a truly unique look for your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe is to use stencils in your design. Simply gather some scissors, construction paper, and painter’s tape (to hold the stencils to your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe) and have your kids create their own patterns to apply as they customize.


Make Stamping Pads Out of Sponges

Another easy way for your kids to innovate on their D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe’s look is to add some texture to the surface using stampers. Instead of using paintbrushes, have your kids use sponges as they paint (you can even cut the sponges into different shapes). The paint on your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe will have a distinctive, textured look to it when they’re done!


Give Your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe Wings!

Rummage through your kids’ costume box and find an old set of fairy or bee wings to add to your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe! Adding fun little accessories onto your design (or making a matching costume for your kids) is a great way to encourage your kids to role play with their D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe once they’ve finished decorating it!


Decorate the Interior Too!

While you might not be able to paint the inside of your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe (nobody wants to do THAT load of laundry anyway), your kids can decorate the interior using wrapping paper, ribbon, and other decorative items. These types of decorations are easy to change up, too, so your kids can give their D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe a fresh new look whenever they want!


Give Your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe Some Personality With Craft Foam

Your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe has the same adorable, friendly face kids know and love, but now your kids can give it an extra level of personality. Cut out some eyelashes, eyebrows, or other distinctive features from craft foam (not included) and attach them to your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe’s face.


Add a Flowing ‘Trail’ to Your Design

You can attach flowers, fuzzy dice, or anything you want to your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe by tying it to the back handle with string or yarn. Make sure you keep the ‘trail’ short though, or you’ll end up with some dusty dice!


Turn Your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe Into Your Kid’s Favorite Animal

As your kids are sketching out the design of their D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe (see below for printable images they can sketch on), think of different animals (or cars or characters) that your kids can use as inspiration for their design. They can add different elements to their design (like cardboard elephant ears, a soft foam tail, or pipe cleaner whiskers) to spruce up their design even more!


Turn the Cupholders into a Garden for Plastic Flowers

Every element of your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe can be whatever your kids imagine. Fill the cupholders with sand and ‘plant’ some plastic flowers inside so your kids have a garden with them wherever they go. You can even plant real flowers in the cupholders with potting soil. Just don’t forget to water them!

Make sure to snap some pictures as you design your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe, and don’t forget to tag us (@OfficialLittleTikes on Instagram, @LittleTikes everywhere else on social media) and show us your amazing designs! For 50 years Little Tikes has been a parent-trusted brand making kids toys that last. Looking for more great active play ideas? Check out for all our latest play tips & tricks!