Hi-oh, Campers! 

Welcome to Little Tikes Camp Play@Home! I’m Junior Counselor Jeff (not to be confused with Eco Master Jeff, who’s more of what you’d call a ‘natural leader’). In addition to being a former camper myself, I’ll be your digital guide for all things Camp Play@Home. That’s right, I’ll have tons of videos, activities, games, and more for you to do. Wait, where are you going? I still have important things to tell you about this week’s activity!

Any who, at Camp Play@Home, we’ll be bringing you tons of fun stuff for the whole family to do (and a few things to save Camper Mom and Camper Dad’s sanity, too). This Friday, our Field Week activity video goes live, so today we’re going to get things rolling with another fun activity for you and your bunk mates to do together: the Plank Walking Activity Challenge!

How to do the Plank Walking Activity Challenge

If your kids love to run, jump, and climb over everything (which is…most kids, honestly) then you’re probably looking for more great outdoor activities to do this summer. We’ve got the perfect activity for your whole family to do together with just a few supplies. Here’s everything you need to do the Plank Walking Teambuilding Activity:

Four planks (or large, flat pieces of cardboard) of different lengths

A wide open area at least 40 feet long

Several teammates to play with you

Choose a starting point at one end of the area. Your goal for the Plank Walking Teambuilding Activity is to get your whole team from one side to the other by only walking on the four planks / pieces of cardboard (you can lay them down on the grass, but not step onto the grass itself). If any of your team members steps off the planks, the whole team should start over. It’s okay if younger kids have to cheat, but I’m keeping my eyes on you, Camper Dad! This challenge is trickier than it seems, but we have a few tips that can help your bunk mates if they struggle.

Pro Tip #1: Take it slow. It’s better to move the whole team across slowly than go too fast.

Pro Tip #2: When you run out of planks, pick up the first one you put down and pass it to the teammate who’s in front. Make sure you get lower to the ground when you pick up the planks though, that’ll give you better balance.

Pro Tip #3: Make sure there are spots where your teammates can stand still. If certain teammates are struggling to balance, try having one of the planks serve as a ‘resting spot’ where they can stand while the other team members move around.

Pro Tip #4: Don’t try to move around each other on the planks if you can help it. It’s hard enough to balance one person at a time on a plank.

Did you make it all the way to the other side of your play area? Great job! This is an activity that’s easy to scale up or down in difficulty by adding or removing more players, planks, and any other obstacles you can think of. It’s a great activity that encourages your kids to get creative with their problem solving too.

Friday’s Camp Play@Home Field Week

Oh, and before I forget, we’re creating the Ultimate Teamwork Challenge Activity this Friday for our official Camp Play@Home activity! Here’s everything you need for to participate in this Friday’s Create Your Own Teamwork Challenge Activity:


Your Real Wood Adventures(TM) playset (or another outdoor playset)


Some Hula Hoops


Big Building Blocks


Your Easy Score(TM) Soccer Set


Some rope or yarn


Stretchy headbands or other elastic bands


Any other active play toys you want

You can download this week’s activity badge, Top Notch Teammate, here. Make sure you print out your badges every week and have your kids color them in. There will be a new badge released every week of Camp Play@Home.

Hope you enjoyed today’s activity. Make sure to snap pictures as you and your bunk mates do the Plank Walking Teambuilding Activity, and don’t forget to tag us when you post (@OfficialLittleTikes on Instagram, @LittleTikes everywhere else on social media)! Ready for more? Check out the Camp Play@Home website for new videos, activities, games (and some special things especially for you as parents to stay sane) every day!

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Bye-oh, Campers!

~ Junior Counselor Jeff